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The focus of our activities is assisting businesses that are established outside of Canada  to move those businesses to Canada.  In order to qualify, the business must meet the following criteria:

  • The business owns a technology.

  • The technology enables a new or unique solution to a particular problem.

  • The technology will provide value to potential customers well beyond the cost of the technology.

  • The market for purchasing the technology is significant. 

  • There is a viable strategy for protecting the IP associated with the technology.


CIAI can assist in the following aspects of establishing your business in Canada:

  • Arrange an equity investment of at least $75,000 CAD in the business by one or more members of Canadian International Angel Investors;

  • Negotiate an appropriate structure for the investment – amount, price, shareholders agreement, etc.

  • Establish the business presence in Canada.  It is possible that it will make good business sense for a particular business to maintain a portion of its operations in the foreign country as well as having its head office in Canada.  For example if the company manufactures a product, it may be cost effective for the manufacturing to remain in the foreign country while R&D, sales and marketing, and finance are run from Canada.

  • Provide ongoing support to the business by working to provide additional sources of investment for the Company, providing management advice and introducing the company to appropriate potential partners or collaborators.

  • Immigration under the Startup Visa Program for the key people involved in the business. 


CIAI can assist with immigration to Canada under the Startup Visa Program for the key people involved in the business.  Key people will vary based on the particular business but can include:

  • The inventor of the technology;

  • Key management of the business;

  • Major owners or shareholders of the business.

Key people will be assessed based on their ongoing contribution to the business once it has moved to Canada.  The situation will vary based on each company – there could be between one and five key people for any particular business.

CIAI and its affiliate Canadian International Capital Inc. have over twenty-five years of experience in assisting immigrant investors come to Canada.  Canadian International Capital Inc. has raised over $680 million of investor funds and has assisted over 2,800 investors in immigrating to Canada.

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