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1. Notice is given to members of the potential investment - one or two page summary of the opportunity.
2. Members indicate if there is any preliminary interest.
3. Detailed information package is sent to any member expressing preliminary interest.
4. Members confirm interest and proposed investment amount from each.
5. A due diligence session is scheduled with CIAI, interested members and the principal(s) of the investee company.  The latter may join by Skype or other remote form of communication.
6. Members’ subscription amounts are finalized.  There may be a minimum amount the investee company will accept.  If this is not met, the offering will not proceed without everyone’s consent – each investing member and the investee company.  If the offering is oversubscribed, then an effort will be made to have the investee company agree to increase the offering.  If not, the investment will be allocated equally among investing members up to their investment commitment.  If there is investment capacity remaining, the surplus will be allocated equally among the remaining members up to their maximum and so-on until the investment is filled. 
7. Each member then signs a subscription agreement and deposits funds with CIAI. 
8. CIAI completes the investment on behalf of the members with a formal legal closing.


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