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Opportunity & Integrity

CIAI is a Canadian company that helps early stage technology companies move to Canada and assists key members of those companies to immigrate to Canada.


CIAI and its angel investors provide financing, management expertise, and networking opportunities to early stage enterprises as they establish themselves in Canada.

CIAI is a member of NACO, the National Angel Capital Organziation.  NACO is a national industry association representing

41 networks comprised of more than 2800 Angel investors across Canada, who since 2010 have provided Canadian companies with over $400M of direct financing across 995 investments. NACO supports Angels as they help entrepreneurs turn good ideas into great business.

Notice to Existing or Potential Start Up Visa Applicants:


It has come to our attention that Mr. Kaisa Aierken has been holding himself out to be a signing authority on behalf of Canadian International Angel Investors Ltd. (“CIAI”).  This notice is to confirm that Mr. Aierken is not an employee or signing officer of either CIAI or its parent company Canadian International Capital Inc. (“CICI”) nor are the companies that Mr. Aierken is associated with, Idea Yolk or Kavi Technology Ltd., in any way associated with CICI or CIAI.  Should you have received any documentation from Mr. Aierken, his associate Mr. Brice Bian, Idea Yolk or Kavi Technologies purporting to be from or associated with either CICI or CIAI they are not legitimate.  You may feel free to send an email to should you have had any dealings with Mr. Aierken, Mr. Bian, Idea Yok or Kavi Technologies to communicate directly with us.   


It may be that others who we do not know incorrectly represent themselves as being authorized to speak for CIAI or its parent CICI.  Please be advised that the following individuals are authorized to sign documents on behalf of CICI and CIAI – Glen Dexter; Chris Somers; Laura Quartermain; Lisa Sze.  Any document signed by any other individual is not authorized by CICI or CIAI.  Also, the only entity with authority to accept money on behalf of CICI or CIAI with respect to the SUV program or other immigration programs is CICI.  No other company can accept deposits with respect to our immigration programs. If a client chooses to send money to someone other than CICI, that is his or her risk.  While we have many valued consultants who promote our immigration programs, none are authorized by us to accept money on behalf of CICI or CIAI.

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